Meet the Team

Laura Roumanos

Executive Producer & Co-Founder

After graduating from the prestigious National Institute of Dramatic Arts, Laura left the Land of Koalas for the Big Apple, where she has worked with creatives behind the World Science Festival, VICE, St. Ann’s Warehouse, Spike Jonze, and Karen O, and partnered with 100+ entities, including Nat Geo and Instagram.

Sam Barzilay

Creative Director, Co-Founder

Currently serving as Creative Director of United Photo Industries, Sam Barzilay is also the co-founder of Photoville, a photographic gathering that has rapidly become among the largest and best-attended photography events in North America.

Dave Shelley

Creative Producer, Co-Founder

Hailing from Detroit, Dave is UPI’s Creative Producer and our resident Get-Things-Done. He works in all of Arts & Entertainment, including multiple stadium shows with the Rolling Stones, Super Bowl events, and the Tribeca Film Festival. He is also a long-time associate of The Wooster Group Theater Company.

Todd Hershberger

Senior Project Manager

Todd is UPI’s Project Manager, Bob the Builder, and all-around Jack of all Trades. From raising a photo village and rigging gallery storage to remodeling a home: UPI asks, “Can he build it?” Yes, yes he can.

Jasmin Chang

Programming Manager

Jasmin is UPI’s expert coordinator for all lectures, events, and programs at Photoville, and heads the Photoville Education program every year. Additionally, she regularly works with various photographers from all over the world to produce and distribute their work.

Nathan Bett

Teaching Artist

Nathan Bett is an artist and master beer drinker from the sandy shores of Lake Superior. When not hustling in the streets as a freelance photographer in Brooklyn and instructor for Canon, he enjoys long walks on the beach with his best girl and a couple of Tallboys.


Senior VP of Security Operations

Gilbert is UPI’s Senior VP of Security Operations, and he is extremely thorough at his job. As a maltese-pekingese-poodle mix, he loves to lay in the sun and bark at whoever’s not Sam, Dave, or Laura.

Viktor Koen

Design Director

Viktor holds a BFA from the Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design in Jerusalem, Israel and an MFA with honors from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He currently serves on the faculty of the MFA Illustration and BFA Graphic Design departments at SVA.

Krystal Grow

Senior Producer

Krystal is a Senior Producer at UPI, where she manages and coordinates workshops and other public photography programs for Photoville. She is also a Senior Photo Editor on the Global Picture Desk at Getty Images. Her writing on photography has appeared in American Photography, TIME LightBox,,, WIRED, and the New York TIMES Lens blog.

Roberta Cajado

Social Media Manager

Roberta is a passionate creative director and content strategist inspired by visual arts and design. She moved from São Paulo, Brazil to NYC in 2012, where she was able to explore other fields related to art and visual aesthetics. Her work is currently focused on developing creative content and imagery for brands, art projects, and sustainable businesses.

Joan Koo

Graphic Designer

Joan is UPI’s in-house designer who moved to the Big Apple and discovered, much to her relief, that there was much more to it than Times Square and Broadway shows. When not camped at her desk, you can usually find her perusing obscure cafés with her friends.

Alexis Percival

Project Manager

Alexis is a Fine Arts photographer and Event Planner extraordinaire who puts the art in party. You can usually find her flexing her organizational muscles designing photo shoots, gallery shows, and wine events. UPI and Photoville provide a home base in which she can help make things happen.

Arthur Hylton

Programming Intern

Arthur is a visual artist/social activist born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. As a child, he would take photos of random things & people with disposable film cameras; as a New York Film Academy graduate, Arthur now collaborates with brands & influencers to bring their creative ideas to life.

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