Education Guide

The FENCE 2018


Look at the images in this category and find a person who could be your friend.

  • Look all around this picture. What are they wearing? What else is in the picture? Where was this picture taken?
  • What do you recognize? What similarities did you discover between the two of you?


Find a person who you are not familiar with, and would like to get to know.

  • Look all around this picture. What objects do you have questions about?
  • What differences can you find between the two of you?
  • What questions would you ask the person in the picture?


Pick one person in a picture and describe their expression.
Share about a time you felt like that.


Look at all the other photos in this series.

  • Who are the others pictured?
  • What can you tell about this community from looking at the series as a whole?


Find an animal that was photographed outside. Then, find an animal that was photographed inside.


Describe the animal’s surroundings.

  • Is this somewhere you would expect the animal to live? Why or why not?
  • Why do you think the photographer chose to photograph the animal in this setting?


Describe the animal’s personality.

  • What do you think the animal is feeling?
  • How does this image make you feel?
  • What mood does the image evoke?


Imagine this image with a person instead of a creature.

  • How would this change the image?
  • Where would you find this image published? In a magazine? In a museum?


Select your favorite image in this section and describe the colors in the image.

  • Is it vibrant or dull?
  • Is it warm or cool?
  • Any other ways you would describe the colors?


Describe the framing of the image.

  • What is in the frame?
  • What do you imagine is left outside the frame?


Describe how the food is displayed.

  • What steps do you think the photographer took to set up this shot?


Based on your observations, would you want to eat this food? Why or why not?


Close your eyes and think about your home.

  • How do you feel when you are at home?
  • What do you do at home?
  • How does your home reflect your personality?
  • What makes your home special?


Select an image and describe the home that is pictured. Look ALL around the frame.

  • What details do you notice?
  • What do they tell you about the person who this home belongs to?


Pick an image and imagine stepping into it…

  • What would it feel like? Would it be soft or hard? Name all the textures you see.
  • What would it smell like?
  • Would it be hot or cold?


Do you see anything man-made in the image?

  • What do you think is its purpose?


Do you see any people in the image?

  • What do you think their relationship to nature is?


Photographers must be patient and take many photos before selecting the final one to share. They want to capture a “decisive moment,” one that captures a special moment or emotion.


Look at a few photos in this series. Describe the moment that is captured.

  • Is it an action?
  • Is it an emotion?


Describe the story of what’s happening in this series.

  • Think about what may have happened before this shot.
  • Think about what might happen after.


Browse the series in this section and jot down all the activities you see happening in the streets.

Pick one image. How do you think the scene would change…

  • …if it was photographed in the middle of the night rather than daytime?
  • …in the winter rather than summer?
  • …over the weekend rather than on a weekday?


Why do you think the photographer chose this specific time to take the photograph?

  • What do you think their relationship to nature is?


Close your eyes and think of a busy street or place you visit. When would be a good time to photograph it?

  • In the summer or winter?
  • During the morning or evening?
  • During the daytime or nighttime?


Share your perspective of The FENCE!


Find the following and take a picture of yourself with it. Tag #TheFENCE2018


Find a photo:

    • That matches what you’re wearing
    • That was taken in your hometown
    • That makes you laugh
    • That makes you sad
    • That you have questions about
    • That shows a community which is similar to yours.
    • What are the similarities? What are the differences?


Notice the details. Zoom in and find these elements:

      • Circles
      • Windows
      • Eyeballs
      • Reflections
      • Stripes


Take a portrait:
Take a portrait with your favorite person on The FENCE and tell us why you chose them!


Notice the details:
Who and what do you see in the image? Where and when do you think the image was taken?

What’s the story?
What do you think is happening in the photo?

How does it look?
What photo techniques stand out in the image? (color/angle/lighting)

What do you feel?
How does this image make you feel?
Where do you think it was published? Who is the audience?


A story or situation that a photographer is sent to cover.

A public display of artwork, such as in a museum or Photoville!

The person or topic depicted in a photograph or story.

Artist statement:
A description of a photographerʼs purpose or approach.


The use of monochrome (black & white) or a spectrum of colors (dull, vibrant, etc.) to create mood, focus, and emphasis in an image.

The use of shadows and highlights to create mood, focus, and emphasis.

An image that represents a person or group of people.

A picture of a space or location, often with a wide perspective.

Detail shot:
Image that focuses on a specific, close-up object.

Action shot:
A photograph of something or someone in motion.

The arrangement and inclusion/exclusion of different objects and elements in a photo.

The position from which a photo is taken (above, below, etc.)