Brownsville Community Justice Center

Brownsville Community Justice Center — PhotoVoice (2014)

In the summer of 2014, 36 young people from the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Brownsville, Red Hook, and surrounding communities were able to participate in PhotoVoice, a participatory photography program that taught a documentary style of photography focused on issues related to their neighborhoods and self-exploration. The program aimed to empower participants, inform policy-makers, and raise awareness about issues facing and surrounding these youths.

Participatory photography gives youth the opportunity to engage visually in dialogues that may often exclude them. This project employed professional photographers to teach participants photography skills, and engaged students through a series of workshops, class critiques, and field trips, culminating in a final exhibit. Teaching artists facilitated workshops that allowed students to craft visual stories from their own unique perspectives.

PhotoVoice was funded by the Center for Economic Opportunity, and was launched in collaboration with four Brooklyn organizations — The Red Hook Community Justice Center, the Brownsville Community Justice Center (both projects of the Center for Court Innovation/Fund for the City of New York), the Brooklyn Arts Council, and United Photo Industries.