When We Were Strangers

A show by Jake Naughton and Juan Anibal Sosa Iglesias

Exhibition Dates: February 14  – March 22, 2019
Opening Reception: Thursday, February 14 from 6 – 9pm
When We Were Strangers will be published in the spring of 2019 by Red Hook Editions. Support and share the Kickstarter initiative here.

What does it mean to be in love?

For eight years, in images, writing and life, plain and simple, we have tried to tease out the answer. Love is a cliche, an idea so easy to imagine but impossible to grasp. Like an overripe fruit, it collapses with a bit of pressure into cloying sweetness and the faint sense of something lost.

At its most basic, falling in love means cleaving away something of yourself and becoming something else. It’s painful and hard, but also carries the potential for profound transformation.

When We Were Strangers is the first part of a lifelong project deconstructing love through the prism of our relationship. This first chapter is a love poem of sorts, one that charts what happens when two people attempt to become something more and less than that, when we are more unknown stranger to each other than anything else.

But love is an ouroboros that eats the past that came before it. Who was I before you?

We are interested in the frayed edges, the messy intersections, the elements of ourselves lost and new facets gained in the process, and the limits to all of that.

About Jake Naughton
Jake Naughton is a Mexico City-based visual artist and journalist making work about queer identity in the present moment. This takes the form of long-term, in-depth projects like This is How the Heart Beats, about East Africa’s LGBTQ community, or Here is What I Know About Love, which explores and deconstructs love through the prism of his own relationship with his partner.
He is interested in upending the ways stories are told and presented, and in service of that he co-founded the storytelling incubator Suno Labs.