T3 Photo Festival

American Sociologist Richard Florida, in his book “The rise of the creative class revisited”, asserts 3Ts as condition that is necessary for the prosperity of city; Talent, Technology and Tolerance. Inspired by the book, “T3 PHOTO FESTIVAL” is photography festival that takes place in the Ueno Park as well as the surrounding areas. Through the work by international artists, the festival presents different ideas or perspectives that encourage the audience to discover new point of views and to initiate conversations otherwise never happened. As the world seems to lose the third T “Tolerance” at the current political / social climate, we hope to be a place in Tokyo where diverse values are accepted to be presented.

T3 PHOTO FESTIVAL is the first outdoor photography festival that takes place in the city of Tokyo. Using the Ueno district as its venue, the visitor will experience world class outdoor exhibitions by the international artists, symposium at the highest educational institute, as well as the old town ambience reminiscent of Tokyo from past decades still survives.

Dates: May 19-28, 2017, 10:00 – 18:00

Location: UENO Park, Tokyo University of the Arts, Uenosakuragi Atari,Yanaka area

Admission: FREE


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